Caregiving is a big job. As we age, building a support network does not have to mean leaning on one or two people. Instead, we can build out a network to help stay safe and preserve our independence.

1. Connect with neighbors.

It takes a village, and your village is a great place to start. As you think of your support network, connect with neighbors on a regular basis who can help support you when you need it.

2. Engage in the community.

Your community is a great place to give back, get involved, and build support. Whether it is volunteering at a hospital or local school, connecting with these organizations can also help you build a network of people who are as invested in you as you are in them.

3. Use technology

You don’t always have to connect to your support network in person – you can build a network all over the work with technology! Whether it is a Zoom call, FaceTime chat, or using an emergency button like VRI’s Mobile and in-home solutions, support can be available anywhere.

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