Social isolation is a key concern as loved ones age – and helping them stay engaged and active is key to their happiness and yours.

Knowing where to start can be challenging, though. We’ve found that there are a few steps you can take to create a plan.

1. Find a volunteer opportunity.

Organizations like the United Way and RSVP help match individuals with opportunities to volunteer in their community.

These activities can drive purpose, connection, and passion – all while helping others!

2. Go virtual.

Technology is helping make connections easier than ever. Using tools like the Amazon Echo Show or Zoom calls can connect seniors to loved ones with voice commands or easy interfaces.

3. Add resources in the home.

Some home care organizations can provide services well beyond skilled care, including companion visits.

Also, tools like personal emergency response systems are not just for emergencies – some organizations, like VRI, encourage members to press their buttons even when they just want someone to talk with.

Download VRI’s quick tips guide here.