As loved ones age, caregivers are often challenged with considering how to help support their desire to stay in their homes safely. While there are many factors to consider, there are a few key actions that can be taken to help seniors stay in their home.

1. Create a safe environment

Reducing risks for falls and installing support is an important step to adapting a home to support aging seniors. Consider removing fall hazards like rugs, improving lighting, and installing support rails in places like bathrooms.

2. Consider in-home support

The day-to-day support doesn’t have to fall on one person. Consider expanding the support team for your loved one by coordinating weekly or daily support to ensure they are safe, taken care of, and fully supported.

3. Manage medications

Proper medication adherence is essential to ensure a loved one’s health, but normal adherence is only around 50%. Help improve the efficacy of medications by managing use with tools like VRI’s medication management dispenser or our Companion Call support.

4. Leverage technology

Many new technologies can make it easier to support your loved one from wherever you are located. Consider tools like video doorbells, video conference boxes, and emergency response buttons, like VRI’s in-home or mobile devices.

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