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what you need to know.

The cellular carrier for your PERS device has notified our team that the network is changing. Soon, your device will not be able to connect to the VRI Care Center.

what you need to do.

Use one of the contact methods below to coordinate the shipment of an upgraded device at no additional cost to you. Failure to contact VRI for an upgraded device and set it up could mean that you are unable to reach the VRI Care Center should you need help.

To upgrade your device, either:

  • Call our team at 855-205-4016
  • Or, fill out the form below


What happens if I do not upgrade my device?

Soon, your device will no longer be able to connect to the VRI Care Center should you need help. It is important that you contact our team soon to upgrade your device.

What should I do with my old device?

keep the device.

However, your device will no longer be monitored or connect to the VRI team for support.


recycle the device.

To coordinate recycling, please contact your local electronic recycling center.


return the device.

Contact VRI at 855.295.3131 to request a pre-paid return label to return the device.

I want to recycle my device. Where can I do that?

Can I just throw my old device in the trash?

No. It is important to responsibly dispose of electronics waste. Please use one of VRI’s alternate options offered at no cost to you from our Team. Do not dispose of your old device in your local trash or recycling pick-up.

4G Device Upgrade

1 client information
2 shipping information
3 contact information
  • device shipment form.