No one wants to relinquish their independence. As we age, the challenges to maintain it do as well. Luckily, there are a few things we can do to help preserve our independence:

Staying fit. 

Exercise can help improve balance, keep your bones strong, and prevent many health conditions that could compromise your independence. Ask your physician what activities might be right for you to stay fit and active.

Staying balanced. 

Falls can be detrimental to health and confidence when it comes to independence. Working on building your balance can help prevent falls form happening. Talk to a physical therapist about activities you can do to help build your balance.

Removing hazards. 

Many homes have several fall hazards that are easily removed. Consider evaluating your space and removing items like throw rugs, loose carpets, clutter, and cords to prevent falls.

Staying engaged. 

Independence is more enjoyable when you engage with people you care about. This can not only keep you sharp as a tack, but it can enhance your happiness. Whether it is a regular volunteer opportunity or visits with friends and family, keep up the conversations.

Asking for help.

Independence can change over time, and that’s ok! Sometimes, preserving independence means asking for help. Build out your support network with friends, family, and even organizations like VRI who provide emergency support and reminder calls to help keep you independent.

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