Lifestyle and overall health are big drivers in aging well, and you can always make changes to improve your experience! Check out these six things you can start doing today for healthy aging:

Healthy Eating + Hydration

Eating a fresh, healthy diet while limiting processed food and staying hydrated are essential for your health and disease prevention. Healthy foods and hydration not only improve your health, but can also improve your mood and energy levels.


People who are 65+ you need between 7-8 hours of sleep. If you’re not getting quality sleep this could affect your mood, memory, weight, immunity heart disease or even shorten your life expectancy. If you nap, do so before pm, exercise early and start a bedtime routine to wind down and limit screen time 30 minutes before bed.


Regular exercise and stretching can improve your balance and keep your body strong and limber which can help prevent falls by 21%. You don’t have to run a marathon to see the benefits. A couple days of exercise per week can also benefit people with heart disease, help brain health, boost your mood, arthritis, diabetes and chronic conditions.

Preventative Care

There are many preventative screenings that can help you live longer so that you can focus on enjoying life. The good news is, Medicare covers preventive screenings in full! We broke down a few key screenings here:

Social Relationships

Loneliness can have a devastating effect on your mental health as well as your physical health. Keep connected with neighbors, engage in the community with volunteer work or community centers, use technology to keep in contact or play games.

Support System

Your support system should include loved ones and tools to make it easier to maintain your health, like emergency response systems. Learn more about VRI’s connected solutions here: