Sticking to a medication regimen can be challenging. In fact, it is estimated that adherence to medications is only around 50%. However, adhering to prescriptions can reduce risk, help us stay healthier, and improve the efficacy or our medications. Check out these 6 tips for ways you can make sure you are taking your regular medications:

1. Combine it with a daily task

Whether it is making your coffee or brushing your teeth, there are usually a few tasks that we each do around the same time each day. Add taking your medication in with the task to help stay on track.

2. Create a self-care ritual and connect it

Whether it is reading the paper, talking a walk around the block, or enjoying a cup of hot tea, make time to do the things you enjoy each day. Then, combine your self-care ritual with taking your medication so that you connect the two acts together each day.

3. Set an alarm

Need to take your medication at a regular time each day? Try a recurring alarm! The timed reminders will help prompt you to take your medication at the right time each day.

4. Keep it visible

We are less likely to act on the things we don’t see. Keep your medications in a visible spot as a reminder to take them.

5. Use technology

Technology, like VRI’s medication management solutions, can help you stay on track! With options to keep up with even the most complication medication plans, including dispensing medications up to 4X/day, these tools can be your pillbox and alarm reminder in one! Even better? These solutions can be combined with monitoring to add extra support and accountability.

6. Set up calls

Whether it is a loved one or VRI’s Companion Call support, having someone check in to remind you to take your medications regularly will help keep things on track.

Download a copy of our quick tips guide here.