You have enjoyed your home for years, and you want to stay in it. However, what you need from it changes. Some simple modifications can help make you house better supportive of your continued independence as you age:

1. Light it up.

Great lighting can help prevent falls by helping you see where you are going. Look through your home and check to see if there are areas that could use better lighting.

2. Add support.

Getting up from a seated position can be tough. Consider adding support bars in bathrooms, next to seats, and next to your bed to make it easier.

3. Remove hazards.

Falls can be detrimental to your health and confidence in your home. Look for ways to prevent them by removing hazards like rugs, cords, and clutter.

4. Step less.

Having at least one no-step entry into the home can reduce fall risk as you go in and out of the house. Small ramps can easily be added to remove steps into your home.

5. Consolidate rooms.

Reduce the amount of times you need to go up and down stairs by consolidating your highest use areas onto the first floor of your home.

6. Add resources.

From electric stair lifts to emergency buttons, like those provided by VRI, adding resources to your home can make moving around easier and connect you to help when you need it.

Download VRI’s Tip Sheet here.