Did you know there are over 400 types of dementia? Many forms of dementia can be present at the same time and may be hard to differentiate or diagnose correctly. Having a home that is set up for success for those suffering from dementia is critical to limiting confusion. Consider the following if you are working to establish a dementia friendly home environment:

Keep Photos + Positive Memories Front and Center:
Keeping photos of loved ones or keepsakes that remind them of good memories can be a great way to invoke comfort in one’s home.

Remove Clutter:
Too many items around the house can make a space overwhelming and confusing.

Make Cabinets Easily Accessible:
Try removing cabinet doors so the items behind them are easy to see or print out photos of what is inside.

Establish Prominent Contact Lists:
Having a list of phone numbers with a description of who they are along with a photo can help the person feel comfortable and at easy when making or receiving phone calls.

Improve Lighting:
Make sure that rooms are light and bright especially during the day. Curtains should be opened to allow natural light and keep their circadian rhythm regulated.

Simplify Access Points:
Keep doors you’d like them to go through open – such as bathroom and bedrooms – and other doors closed so they are easy to access and distinguish.

Create a Safe Set Up:
Keep any products that could potentially be poisonous locked up so they are not mistaken or confused with anything else.