There is a growing need for asthma compliance, particularly for those 18 years and younger. We partnered with a National Health Plan with the goal of increasing medication compliance and reduce costs in managed Medicaid population with Asthma.


VRI developed an extensive program for daily monitoring of controller and rescue medication usage using connected sensors. We combined that with a 24×7 nurse triage for those out of compliance to oversee, assist and educate members on their medication regimen. With 24×7 vitals monitoring, this meant we were able to monitor, sense and remind those out of compliance before it became an emergency.


The results exceeded our expectations. We had a huge improvement with rescue inhaler use and an even larger jump in well controlled asthma over the program’s duration.


The dramatic results of this program and study proved to have an enormous impact. With an 69% improvement in rescue inhaler use by day 90 and 84% of members being well controlled over the program duration, this not only cut the costs of the National Health Plan by keeping members out of the hospital, but it also saved lives by lowering Emergency Department visits. By providing 24×7 care and increasing engagement, members felt more empowered to comply and manage their health on their own, thus driving great outcomes for the health plan.

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