5 Tips on Discussing Decisions with Family

Caregiving is a huge task alone, and coordinating those efforts with other loved ones and family members can be complicated. Here are 5 tips to try to help you navigate these types of meetings to help them be less stressful and more productive:


Family can mean a different thing for each person, but this meeting
should include everyone who would be part of the Caregiver team
and the decision making. This could also change based on the topic
i.e., if the topic is finances, this may only include immediate family.
Agree ahead of time with the group who should be involved in
influencing which topic.


Before your meeting, prepare an agenda and distribute it to all who
will be attending the meeting so that everyone can gather their
thoughts prior to the discussion. You can also make the
communication more convenient for all involved by offering flexible
meeting options, like video calls, conference calls, or meeting


Host meetings in a safe, neutral place for the entire group. This
allows each participant to contribute easier and feel involved in the
care coordination planning.


Family dynamics can be complicated. Remind all participants of the
goal of the meeting, refrain from bringing up off-topic subject
matters, and include a neutral mediator as necessary.


Make sure everyone is aligned before you finish the meeting by
reviewing decisions, action items, owners, and deadlines. Then, send
out a recap to the group so everyone can reference the same list.