Aphasia is defined as the loss of ability to understand or express speech, often caused by a stroke or some sort of brain damage. Here are some tips to support communication with a loved one working through the impact of Aphasia:

Simplify questions
When possible, use Yes or No questions.

Be patient
Understand they are probably more frustrated than you are.

Draw or write!
It could be easier for your loved one to understand a drawing or picture OR it could be easier for them to draw or write the word.

Communicate respectfully
Speak with them like they are an adult and refrain from using a raised voice.

Use gestures
Sometimes physical queues are easier to interpret.

Don’t question intelligence
They may know the answer, just not how to say it.

Eliminate distractions
Focusing on communication can make it easier for processing.

Leverage technology
Consider using Apps that may help.

*Click here to learn the warning signs of a stroke: https://vricares.com/strokes-know-the-warning-signs/

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