Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can be scary and unpredictable. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed, it is important to prioritize how you use this time. Here are some suggestions:

Have important discussions with your doctor:

  • How your diagnoses was determined
  • How the disease will progress and expectations
  • Available treatments
  • Interactions with other medications Any side effects that you should be looking for
  • Care planning in the future
  • Are they familiar with this disease? If not, is there an
  • expert you can be referred to?

Build your support team:

  • Talk to a trusted friend or counselor to talk through any emotions or fears you may be having
  • Consider building out health directives
  • Talk to legal advisors about important decisions you should make now
  • Join a support group for people who know what you’re going through

Get involved in meaningful activities:

  • Continue to do activities you love and bring you joy
  • Keep your mind active whether it puzzles or learning a new language
  • Travel to a place you’ve always wanted to visit
  • Find a purpose (seeing friends/family more, participating in activities, travel)
  • Try writing down memories you and your family can look back on