Road safety is important not only for you, but for those you share the road with. You can do a self-assessment or get a professional evaluation done. The safer you feel, the safer you’ll be on the road. Here are some quick tips to consider before jumping in your car:

Buckle up for safety! If your seatbelt is uncomfortable try adding a shoulder pad or adjusting the shoulder mount.

Health Check:
Have you gotten your eyes checked this year? Has your hearing or reaction time changed? Are you taking a new medicine? These are all things you should take into account as potential mind or body changes and driving safely. Stay healthy and stay independent!

Driver Refresh:
AAA offers a Roadwise Driver course that you can take online or in person to refresh your road knowledge. Perks include learning about the newest technology in cars as well as a possible discount on your insurance premium!

Mobility and Independence:
Keeping your mind sharp is so important, especially while driving. Say a dog runs into the street…you have a matter of seconds to decide what to do. You’ll also need your physical fitness and coordination to make those quick movements. Keeping your mind and body sharp to stay independent and safe on the road.

Put Cell Phones Down:
If you’re using GPS, put the destination in before you get on the road to eliminate the distraction.

When possible, try to drive during daylight hours and avoid driving through bad weather.