The Need.

VRI partnered with a National Health Plan to help address their challenge of driving member
action to close gaps following their standard population-wide outreach.

VRI’s Approach.

VRI developed a comprehensive outreach program using our E3 dynamic messaging solution.
Leveraging VRI’s Care Center, a team trained in creating meaningful interactions, and the power of connected technology, VRI sought to drive regular engagement, deliver population-wide education and member specific messaging, and empower gap closure behavior over a
four month period.

The Results.

Following the four month period, VRI demonstrated the ability to connect, deliver messaging
at a high rate, and significantly impact member behavior vs. a control group.

  • Action: 36% more members took gap-closing actions
  • Gaps: 40% more gaps were closed
  • Colorectal: 80% more colorectal exam gaps were closed
  • Breast Cancer: 56% more breast cancer screening gaps were closed


Gaps in care represent opportunities for members to receive important care, but driving action can be challenging. Through our partnership with a National Health Plan, VRI demonstrated our
ability to successfully engage members, providing important education, and ultimately empower
significantly more action by members.

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