Incorporating simple tasks you enjoy in your daily routine can help prolong your health and eliminate risk to certain diseases. Here are some quick tips to create healthy habits for your every day life:


As we age, so do our dietary needs! It’s important to enjoy food that fuel the body but also reduce risks to chronic diseases. is an online guide based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2020-2025), that can help you understand caloric intake, food safety, and tips to remaining active.

Incorporating physical activity in your routine reduces your risk to falls, diabetes, and depression. The best way to incorporate physical activity is by finding activities that work with YOU. By doing stretches in the morning or going on an afternoon walk, these little acts add up to keeping your body moving.

In addition to exercising your body, you also need to exercise your mind! Keeping your brain busy with puzzles, learning a new language, and reading to improve your memory and to fight off Alzheimer’s.

Keeping up with your medication regimen is important to staying healthy. VRI’s Medication Dispenser is a home-based, medication compliance system that simplifies the management of multiple medications to reduce the risk of missed or double doses. Medications are locked securely, only allowing access to the right dose at the right time.