VRI partnered with a National Health Plan to help address their challenge of hospitalizations for members with heart conditions by implementing a program that engages clients in improving their condition, mitigates the risk for hospitalization, and reduced overall spend.


VRI developed a comprehensive vitals monitoring program to engage members in daily health management and early escalation with providers for identified risks. As a part of that program, VRI managed all operational logistics for vitals monitoring enrollment, education, and engagement to scale our efforts for early vitals checks. This included a vitals trained staff triage to manage our daily engagement and readings, as well as member education based on their individual conditions. We provided daily engagement and readings with quick escalation to providers as needed.


The results and data were dramatic with hospital admissions down by over half and down a 1/3 in Emergency Department Visits. VRI not only increased the positive perception of the plan, but got almost a perfect score on program satisfaction.


The overall results to this program and study demonstrated timely and meaningful impact. With hospital admissions down by 55%, and Emergency Department visits down 32%, VRI not only significantly decreased costs to the National Health Plan but also increased member retention and satisfaction. This approach proved to not only save lives and educate members but also drive positive outcomes for the health plan.

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