If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be scary and stressful. The fear of the unknown can be intimidating, but now could also be the best time to make the most of this time together! Consider these next steps to provide support:

Start the conversation:

  • Allow them time to process and feel
  • Remind them the importance of their role ie Grandmother/father, parent, etc.
  • Validate any emotions that arise
  • Encourage them to speak with someone they trust and can confide in

Create a safe environment:

  • Assess the level of supervision needed
  • Watch for sundowning and wandering
  • Consider adult daycare resources
  • Add photos of people they will see often with their names in their home
  • Evaluate options for supportive technology, including door alarms, medication reminders, etc.

Leverage memory loss techniques:

  • Use repetition when necessary
  • Tell them who you are if they don’t seem to know
  • Reduce extra noise
  • Give very clear directions: the red door on your left instead of, that door
  • Use specific names instead of “he” or “she