Recently, we conducted a study regarding our members that use our PERS (fall detection) systems that further reflects how we can help people live independently. With a response rate of under 10 seconds, these data points reflect the importance of wearing a remote patient monitoring device both in and outside of the home. When we answer a call, we can check on the member to see if they are ok, if they need help from a family member or friend or need emergency medical help. At VRI, we are here to help.

Facts and Figures:

  1. 88% of reported falls occurred inside the member’s home, highlighting the significance of proactive measures within familiar environments.
  2. 30% of falls resulted in injuries that required treatment by a medical professional, emphasizing the potential severity and consequences of falls.
  3. 46% of falls were able to avoid emergency transportation by having a friend/family member available that was contacted to assist.
  4. 33% of falls required emergency services, indicating the need for immediate attention and medical intervention in certain cases.
  5. Remarkably, 21% of falls did not require assistance, showcasing the importance of tailored response plans that prioritize the individual’s needs.

Benefits and Impact:

Enhanced Safety: Our approach provides an added layer of safety and support, enabling quicker assistance and reducing potential risks associated with falls.
Peace of Mind: Members and their loved ones can have peace of mind, knowing that a trusted contact will be notified in case of a fall, fostering a sense of security and well-being.
Personalized Care: By involving friends or family members, we promote a compassionate and personalized care experience that respects individual preferences and strengthens relationships.
Efficient Use of Resources: By bypassing emergency services when appropriate, we contribute to more efficient use of emergency resources, ensuring that they are available for those in critical need.

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