VRI partnered with a National Health Plan to help the Medicaid population with multiple diagnoses including diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension. The main objective was to reduce readmissions through disease management.


VRI customized a comprehensive program based on the provider’s protocols and goals of reducing admissions and readmissions through disease management. VRI managed all vitals monitoring including a vitals trained stage triage to increase engagement and education while scaling our efforts for early vitals checks. Daily engagement and education were completely customized based on the individual conditions of the members and we provided quick escalation to providers as needed.


The results were amazing. We had a 3:1 ROI, reduced admissions by over half and reduced diabetes related readmissions by two thirds!


The data and results from this program proved to provide a huge impact. With a ROI of 3:1 in the programs first year, 58% reduction in admission and 64% reduction in diabetes readmissions, this program showed just how valuable VRI’s engaging program’s work truly was. When members are being heard and educated, they are then able to be empowered to take their health seriously and, in turn, helping to drive amazing outcomes for health plans.

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