Studies have shown that within minutes of getting outside and active and being around nature you will see a significant reduction in cortisol (stress), blood pressure, and muscle tension. Those who struggle with mental illness saw a huge improvement in their self esteem and a reduction in the depression symptoms. With all of these great benefits, here are a few options to get outside, do a low impact activity, get your stress down, and your wellness up:

Gets you your vitamin D, combats dementia and is mood-boosting!

Aqua aerobics
Greater range of motion in the water, puts less stress on your joints helps build strength

A 20-30 minute walk can help your cardiovascular health, improve your sleep, and help you stay strong

Strolling with Fido
Have a neighbor with a dog who works during the day? Offer to walk their furry friend while they are busy working. It’ll boost your mood and your furry friend’s!

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