As vision changes occur throughout our lives it becomes increasingly important to keep remove hazards that could lead to falls, injuries, or trips to the emergency room. Check out our tips to help make your home safer for you and your guests:

  1. Keep all cords out of walkways and as close to baseboards as possible.
  2. Add light! Overhead or centralized lighting can help you see a writing, a small step or exit.
  3. Make sure bathmats have non-slip backing.
  4. Use high contrast towels and rugs, especially in bathrooms.
  5. Keep clutter to a minimum and especially out of walkways.
  6. Clean up spills immediately.
  7. Eliminate unnecessary small throws that could be tripping hazards.
  8. Label things in a large font, especially if it’s toxic.
  9. Use color contrasting color strips for stairs.
  10. Make sure you know where your pet is so you don’t trip on them. Adding a bell to their collar is great option!