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what you need to know.

Cellular carriers are beginning to shut down 3G networks across the country. Soon, your devices that connect using 3G technology will not be able to connect to the VRI Care Center.

what you need to do.

What each partner needs to do regarding 3G network sunsets will be different. We encourage you to review our resources and best practices as well as reach our to your VRI support team at to help determine your course of action.

As you consider changing out devices for your clients, consider some of these best practices:

  • Verify the client’s physical & shipping addresses
  • When speaking with client use terms like “upgrade” instead of “swap” or “replace”
  • If shipping a device in the mail, provide an estimated delivery time

In order to support your communications with clients regarding the 3G sunset, VRI has developed documents that you can edit for your needs:

It is essential the electronic equipment be properly recycled.

  • Rented equipment must be returned to VRI for proper recycling
  • Partner owned equipment must be properly recycled through an electronics recycler.

There are several options for recycling the device. Among other local options, consider:

Check your local stores to see if they participate in electronics recycling

As you build out your swap strategy, the best place to start is often:

  • Identify clients who have a 3G device
  • Prioritize your swaps based on engagement levels and days on service
  • Is the client engaged with the service? If not, they may require a different approach
  • Determine how many devices need to be replaced monthly, before the sunset ends

partner faqs.

How many 3G devices do I need to replace?

Use the Care Connect portal to identify clients with a 3G device. Reach out to your VRI support team if you need additional information or data.

How soon should I start replacing 3G devices?

Determine how many 3G devices you have in the field and when you would like to be complete with the transition.  Use these numbers to develop a strategy and identify your monthly goal.

client faqs.

Can I just throw my old device in the trash?

No. It is important to responsibly dispose of electronics waste. Please use one of VRI’s alternate options offered at no cost to you from our Team. Do not dispose of your old device in your local trash or recycling pick-up.

Can I still use my current device?

While your current device may still work for some time, it is important that you set up your replacement device so that there is no interruption in your ability to connect to the Care Center.

Why do I need a new device?

The cellular network in your area, and across the country, is changing. The new cellular network requires you to have a new, upgraded device.

Why does my new device look different?

Your new device can connect using the 4G network and may look different; However, the functionality of your new device will be similar or better.

Will my cell phone still work?

That will depend upon your cell phone. Unfortunately, I do not have that information. However, your cell phone provider should be reaching out to you if this change impacts your cell phone.