FRANKLIN, OH – VRI, a leading provider of medical monitoring services and FreeUS, a leading developer and provider of mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS), today announced that they have partnered to provide mPERS solutions to VRI customers and to develop new solutions for the healthcare market.  Using FreeUS innovative technology, and VRI’s industry leading monitoring services, they will provide high value remote monitoring solutions including emergency response, fall detection, and activity monitoring.  The solutions will be available to existing VRI customers immediately, and to new customers within 60 days.

“We are excited to partner with FreeUS to bring their high quality mPERS solutions to our customers.  We believe it will allow us to serve more clients with a broad range of solutions that address specific needs in terms of pricing, coverage, and features.  The team at FreeUS is aligned with our vision to provide high quality, innovative solutions that keep people safe and independent in their homes.” said Chris Hendriksen, CEO of VRI. 

VRI’s monitoring services will be available to all FreeUS customers.  In addition, the companies are working to develop future solutions that capitalize on their combined skills in device development, healthcare and clinical expertise, and customer focused workflow. 

“We are proud to partner with VRI, and look forward to working with them on new solutions.  They are a leader in the healthcare monitoring segment, and we are excited to build on the success of the FreeUS platform to create new solutions that serve our clients and partners.” said Brock Winzeler, GM of FreeUS.

About VRI

For more than 25 years, VRI has been helping our clients live safer, more confident and more independent lives. The secret of our success? Our people. Every one of us is 100% committed to getting our clients what they need — we never stop acting as their advocate, partner and supporter. We provide emergency response, fall detection, activity monitoring, medication management, vitals monitoring and care traffic control for over 160,000 clients in all 50 states. A single call is all our clients need to connect with our people — people who are genuinely eager to help in any situation, from emergencies to the everyday.

About FreeUS

Freeus is a leading wholesale provider of mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS). We develop two-way voice mPERS that work both inside the home and away from home, offering peace of mind to seniors and their caregivers.  Using patented technology, Freeus aims to create a simple yet sophisticated experience for both the end user and our partners.  As one of the fastest-growing mPERS businesses in the US and a leading mobile PERS manufacturer, we work diligently with our partners to build and maintain lasting relationships.