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how E3 works.


Each month, members press their button to connect with the VRI Care Center at a time that is convenient to them. During the conversation, representatives engage with the member and leverage the LARI method when communicating to ensure members needs are identified.


Powered by the VRI Care Center’s dynamic platform, representatives share messages that are tailored to each member’s unique needs. From tips to support health and well-being to education and reminders about preventive health screenings that they are due to complete, these messages spark conversation and action.


Through educational conversations, VRI’s Care Center often identifies needs to support member action. When members express challenges with getting to and from appointments or understanding their benefits, representatives can seamlessly connect them to plan resources to overcome their barriers to care.

Resource Coordination.

By engaging with members at times that are convenient to them with messages tailored to them and identifying what they need to empower action, VRI’s E3 program supports optimized resource utilization and member satisfaction by coordinating resources such as:

  • transportation
  • appointment coordination
  • medication adherence
  • nutritional meals
  • personal care services
  • and more!

the outcomes.

E3 makes connections to care in innovative ways by prompting action and removing barriers to care, and it works. In past programs, members supported by E3 programs demonstrated success by proving that it engages members, tailored messages are delivered at high rates, and those messages and connection to resources drove meaningful action.