In over 2 million annual interactions, VRI has learned that there is more to the story than what claims data can tell you about a member. What happens in between incidents matters, and that is why VRI developed E3: Engage, Educate, and Empower, our solution to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

What We Know

Our team provides meaningful technology to members, world-class service to create trust, and delivers dynamic messaging to drive positive outcomes. Through this approach, VRI delivers start to finish service programs that help health plans meet and exceed key goals.

In a program designed to impact gap closure, quality scores, and member satisfaction, VRI was able to deliver:

The Results

Education Engagement

82% of all members received at least one education message

Dynamic Messages

60% of all member specific gap messages were delivered to participates

Super Users

34% of all members engaged in every month of the program

Increased Satisfaction

40+ NPS increase over the health plan baseline

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