With the hot, summer months upon us, it is important to not only stay cool, but also stay hydrated and about 20% should come from your food alone! Staying hydrated helps rid your body of waste, helps regulate body temp, lubricates joints, and protects tissue. Here is a quick guide to help you stay hydrated and avoid dehydrating foods and drinks.


Drinks – Water, milk, fruit infused water, sports
drinks with electrolytes, 100% fruit juice
(low sugar), coconut water, caffeine-free
tea, milk alternatives (soy, coconut,

Foods – Watermelon, spinach, tomatoes,
strawberries, bell peppers, radishes,
pineapple, cucumber, grapefruit, iceberg


Drinks – Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks such as
alcohol, coffee, teas, soda, hot cocoa,
lemonade, sweet tea, energy drinks,
flavored milk, smoothies (excess sugar).

Foods – Avoid salty, processed foods like,
dehydrated meats, breads, pancakes,
waffles, canned foods, soy sauce, high
protein meats, fast food.