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health plans.

VRI partners with some of the largest health plans in the US, providing ROI through reduced admissions, improving brand through exceptional customer service, and sharing data to help plans guide members through social determinants of health.

outcomes focused

3:1 ROI

20% decrease in member churn

readmission reduction from 25% to 13%

VRI’s owned and operated Care Center is here to deliver empathy, care, and outcomes. Every member interaction has potential to impact the organization – to identify risk, close a gap, prevent an admission – and is an opportunity to gain insight and meet a need. VRI’s clients expect a solution partner with domain expertise that spans the enterprise and a recognition of the impact of the member experience on:

star ratings
future engagement
member retention
manage MLR

value drivers.

VRI’s unique approach to service allows our partners to realize value through the enterprise. Innovative national plans use VRI remote monitoring services as a cost reduction tool and a mechanism to improve retention. Industry leading healthcare organizations partner with VRI to decrease healthcare utilization, improve member outcomes, and increase member engagement and retention.

VRI drives innovation.

Devices alone don’t drive innovation. Real progress is made when a solution takes in to account four components:


  • wearables
  • phones, apps, smartwatches
  • video/sensor monitoring
  • tablets
  • voice control (Alexa, Siri)


  • risk assessment
  • frailty index
  • provider/EHR integration
  • big data
  • artificial intelligence


  • family/friend care managers
  • telehealth visits
  • transportation/rideshare
  • 24/7 nurse line/concierge
  • virtual nurse/assistant

population + conditions

  • behavioral health
  • loneliness as a condition
  • social determinants
  • personalized medicine
  • gamification

evolved focus.

A common challenge of health plans is the struggle to anticipate vs react to fluctuations in members health. VRI has evolved to focus on critical data collection and provision to drive value in identification of clinical and non-clinical risk. VRI’s high touch, conversational approach enables our Care Center Representatives to engage members at a time of need and proactively identify risk. Through these structured communications in response to a PERS related event, we are able to collect indicators for:

plan satisfaction/NPS
barriers to care/SDOH
frailty and fall risk
adverse events
(readmissions, disease, comorbidity)

identifying social determinants of health.

VRI leverages remote monitoring services to provide actionable data to health plans by determining who needs access to additional services. An analysis of VRI’s current population shows the most prevalent barriers to care:

chronic condition alert data

remote monitoring alert data