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Remote Vitals Monitoring

Better manage your chronic conditions with the support of the VRI’s Vitals Monitoring Support Team

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VRI provides connected devices in the home that allow members to measure and transmit vitals readings to our Clinical Care Team 24/7. Should intervention be needed, our Clinical Care Team provides live outreach, triage and connection to the appropriate resources to reduce unnecessary hospital and emergency department visits and enable members to better manage their health.

How Vitals Works

VRI’s Vitals Monitoring Support Team expands the team of support you have available to help you manage your health.


1. Take Your Reading

Take your reading each morning with your vitals monitoring device. Your reading will be sent to our Vitals Monitoring Support Team. 



2. Reading Reviewed

Our Vitals Monitoring Support Team will review your reading. If your reading is outside of normal boundaries, a Care Specialist will call to follow up.


3. Provider Notified

With each reading, your provider is notified. If a reading is ever abnormal, your provider is able to connect with you for early intervention and support. 

Photo of woman checking her pulse with a vitals device while in the comfort of her own home

How You Benefit

Reduction in Hospital Visits

By managing your health through daily reading and your VRI Vitals Monitoring Support Team, you will have earlier intervention for any changes in your health, reducing the risk of hospital and Emergency Department visits.

Provider Coordination

By collaborating with your provider, VRI’s Vitals Monitoring Support Team will assist you with enhanced coordination of care and help you better manage your health.

What You Can Expect

Easy Installation

Equipment will be conveniently shipped to your home, and installation is simple with the help of clear instructions and a support team to walk you through any questions.

Daily Readings

Take a daily step towards managing your health by sending in your reading using your new equipment.

Support Team Calls

If you miss a reading or a reading comes in out of range, a member of your support team will call to follow up, ask you a few questions, and assist you.

Service Team Available

Should you have any questions about your equipment or reading, a support team is available at any time by calling: 1-855-832-3460

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