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Creating innovative ways to close gaps, reduce risk, and solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. 

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VRI developed E3 to further our mission to save lives and preserve independence

By leveraging our proprietary platform and unique ability to drive engagement and action, VRI delivers both population and member-specific messaging to close gaps, reduce risk, and solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

What VRI has learned


Pertinent Information

Communication overload doesn’t change results. Information delivered at a convenient time that is meaningful and specific to an individual drives engagement.


Trusted Source

Education cannot come from anywhere. When it comes to creating action, it takes a trusted source to deliver pertinent information effectively.


Access to Resources

Education alone does not create change. When a trusted source helps members to overcome barriers to care through resource connection, action is possible.


Positive Outcomes

From gap closures to addressing SDoH, real positive outcomes happen when pertinent information comes from a trusted source with access to resources.

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Our impact

VRI partners with health plans to develop E3 program messaging plans to address key organizational goals. Our programs have proven to drive significant member initiated engagement, effective delivery of population and member specific education, and ultimate empowerment to act to close more gaps than those without the support of VRI’s E3 platform.

Our outcomes prove, E3 really works

E3 makes connections to care in innovative ways by prompting action and removing barriers to care, and it works. In past programs, members supported by E3 programs demonstrated success by proving that it engages members, tailored messages are delivered at high rates, and those messages and connection to resources drove meaningful action.


of members engaged throughout the program


of members connected to plan support


more colorectal exam gaps closed


of members identified as having SDOH needs


of members engaged in any given month of the program


of dynamic content delivered to members


more total gaps closed


reduction in member churn

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