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VRI offers a full suite of innovative solutions and connected devices that are reliable and simple to use.


VRI’s Medical Alert Program provides 24/7 assistance so that our clients are safe and independent in their own home. Knowledgeable, caring staff trained in active and empathic listening will offer help at the touch of a button. That’s peace of mind for us and our client. 

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At Home

With in-home solutions, clients can connect to the VRI Care Center with just the push of the button.

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On the Go

Having the confidence to remain active is much easier with the assistance of VRI’s on-the-go solutions.

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VRI’s Engage, Educate, and Empower Program builds on our core competencies and mission to save lives and preserve independence. E3 works with individuals to assess, educate and impact social determinants of health, gaps in care, and health equity, identifies barriers to care and connects individuals to available resources and benefits to remove these barriers and close care gaps.


E3 makes connections to care in innovative ways by prompting action and removing barriers to care, and it works.


VRI partners with health plans and other payors to develop E3 program designs that address key organizational strategic and quality goals. 

See how E3 can benefit you or a loved ones life today.


Our Remote Vitals Monitoring program is designed to enhance patient care, improve health outcomes, and offer flexibility in the delivery of healthcare services. It leverages technology and data to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, enabling proactive and personalized healthcare.  

VRI provides user friendly connected devices that are easy to operate and enable real time data collection and transmission to our Vitals Monitoring Support Team where they continuously monitor and escalate any concerning trends or abnormalities to the member’s healthcare provider.

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Medication Management

Maintaining adherence to complicated medication protocols can be challenging, but it is important to ensuring health. VRI’s medication management solutions make it easier to be successful with the support of our monitoring teams. 

Our programs offer numerous benefits including improved medication adherence, patient safety, and overall health outcomes, especially for those with chronic conditions or complex medication regimens. 

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