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Care Partners

At VRI, we consider partners like you a natural extension of our company.

Become a care partner

Learn how you can become a care partner for medical alert systems, medication management, and vitals monitoring solutions. By working closely together and aligning our efforts and strategies, we can increase the quality and profitability of the solutions and services you sell.

When you partner with VRI, you’ll receive the training, support, and tools you need to reach a level of salesmanship, technical skill, and client support expertise that will set you apart from other resellers of medical monitoring equipment.

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Build Smarter

While many medical monitoring companies boast about their commitment to their partners, we put ours into practice every day to create a successful environment for you. Our goal for you is autonomy and success by providing gold medal service and product. VRI will ensure collaboration and provide you with access to the many resources that have been designed to enhance the success of your business

Mobile Friendly

This online tool will allow you to control all of your data. VRI actively works to maintain the Online Account Management system by adding new features to support the specific needs of our partners.

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Contact Us

We will always work with you in a business relationship that is built on trust and encourages communication, while eliminating confusion, and enhancing profitability.