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VRI Responders

Welcome to VRI’s Care Center Responder Program. You have been chosen by your friend or family member to be a responder should they need assistance.

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What Is Your Role as a Responder?

Your role, while simple, is very important. A responder is someone that can be available to assist a friend or family in-person member in non-emergency situations when contacted by VRI’s Care Center.

Assistance may include helping someone getting up, unlocking their door, completing a wellness check, or other non-emergent situation.

Being a Responder Requires That:

VRI has your current phone number.

You are able to go check on the client within 15 minutes.

You can talk with VRI over the phone if further help is needed.

If your number changes, you agree to let VRI know.

When You Receive a Call From the Care Center:

  • Answer when 800.860.4230 or 800.508.6370 appears on your caller ID. Add us to your contacts as a best practice.
  • Let us know at the time of the call if you are able to respond, and provide an approximate time of arrival. If you decline, the next responder on the call list will be contacted for assistance.
  • VRI’s Care Center will call you back and confirm your arrival. Please provide information to VRI’s Care Center and confirm that you were able to assist your friend or family member.
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To view, print or keep a copy of our Responder details on hand, please click here: VRI Responder Guide

Thank you in advance for helping our clients remain safe and healthy in their homes.