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Medication Management

VRI ensures the right dose is taken at the right time. 

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VRI’s Medication management program provides members and their caregivers with a solution to organize multiple medications and drive adherence by ensuring the right dose is taken at the right time. Should a member miss their dose, a trained Care Specialist will contact the member or their caregiver to identify and overcome any barriers to ensure adherence.

What You Can Expect

Controlled Medications

Medications are locked securely, allowing access to the right dose, ONLY at the right time.

Easy-to-Set Alarms

Setting the timers and alarms is as easy as setting a digital alarm.


VRI’s medication dispenser utilizes AC power. When the dispenser is not connected to power, it switches to its rechargeable batteries.

Medication Card Holder

A card holder is provided on the unit for the prescriptions for all medications inside.


With access by key-only, caregivers can easily monitor patient compliance.

Live, 2-Way Monitoring

This optional feature allows professionals to respond quickly if medications are not accessed at the correct time.


Our program consistently drives 90+% adherence rates

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